CIMULACT: Engaging all of Europe in shaping a desirable and sustainable future

Citizens to provide concrete and unique input to the EU’s research and innovation agenda


CIMULACT stands for ‘Citizen and Multi-Actor Consultation on Horizon 2020’. The pro-ject engages more than 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe, along with a variety of other actors, in shaping a desirable sustainable future. In a highly partici- patory process, the project will provide a unique contribution to European research and innovation policies and topics, create dialogue and shared understanding among the actors, and build strong capacities in citizen engagement, thereby enhancing respon-sible research and innovation (RRI) in the EU.


In short, CIMULACT will:

  • Involve citizens in the actual formulation of the EU research and innovation agendas.
  • Provide concrete and unique input to the identification of the future European research agenda by eliciting concerns about, wishes for and visions of desirable sustainable futures from 1000 citizens in 30 countries in Europe.
  • Make the European research and innovation agenda relevant and accountable to society by engaging citizens, stakeholders and experts in co-creating research agendas based on real, validated and shared visions, needs and demands.
  • Contribute to responsible research and innovation (RRI) in the EU by promo- ting the engagement and inclusion of the public in the identification of desirable sustainable futures.
  • Set a new standard for public participation through the development, testing, training and assessment of methods for citizen and stakeholder engagement..
  • Make the building of the future more accessible. It is no longer only a question discussed by policy makers and experts; it is a wider public conversation for a greater democracy.

CIMULACT is a three-year project funded by the European Commission (2015-2018)




Newsletter 7 - 01 September 2017 - HERE

Newsletter 6 - 29 March 2017 - HERE

Newsletter 5 - 16 Dezember 2016 - HERE

Newsletter 4 - 23 September 2016 - HERE

Newsletter 3 - 11 May 2016 - HERE

Newsletter 2 - 10 March 2015 - HERE

Newsletter 1 - 15 December 2015 - HERE


3rd Policy Brief - June 2017

This Policy Brief presents summaries of 6 of the 48 directions for future research which resulted from the CIMULACT consultation processes, as well as policy recommendations pertaining to each topic, which were developed by project partners and other relevant experts in the pursuit of addressing visions, elaborated by European citizens - HERE

2nd Policy Brief - August 2016

This Policy Brief presents the 12 different societal needs, which were elaborated  based on the societal needs identified through the analysis of the citizens' visions. These domains show in which fields citizens and experts see a need for more research and innovation in the future - HERE

1st Policy Brief - April 2016

This policy brief presents the methodology, as well as the results of 30 citizen consultations, which took place in 30 European countries in the frame of the project - HERE


Final 23 Citizens’ Based Research Topics

Report on the citizens’ based research topics and the recommendations for research and innovation policy such as framework conditions underpinning social needs based research programming - HERE

Highlights from the online consultation

Report about the results from  the online consultation Research for Society, where invited citizens from 30 countries joined researchers, stakeholders and policy makers in redefining the European Research and lnnovation agenda to make it more accountable. 3,458 respondents evaluated and enriched, according to their interests and expertise, 48 proposed research programs - HERE

Social Needs Based Research Programme Scenarios

48 programmes to be considered for implementation in Horizon 2020 or national research and innovation agendas developed within a cocreation process between citizens and experts. Used during the 2nd consultation phase of CIMULACT (September-October 2016). The report has kept close to the original texts produced in the Workshops - HERE

Posters of the European Citizens' Needs

Developed from the 29 needs extracted during the Clustering Workshop in Paris, these posters formed the starting point for the Scenario Co-Creation Workshop in Milano, where citizens, researchers of the project and experts jointly developed research agendas answering to these needs - HERE

Visions Catalogue

Compilation of the 179 visions elaborated by more than 1000 European citizens during the National Citizen Vision Workshops - HERE

National Portuguese Report of the Forum Futuro - 28 November 2015 - HERE

Inspirational Magazine

for the participants of the National Vision Workshops - HERE

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