Mediation    (more? click HERE)

  • Direct assistance in solving personal and community conflicts bilateral / multilateral
  • Direct assistance regarding internal conflicts in public institutions, organizations or enterprises, as well as in conflicts inter-stakeholder conflicts
  • Design and execution of consensus building processes which focus on complex situations of adversarial planning towards sustainable environmental development.


Facilitation (more? click HERE)

  • Design and facilitation of participatory sessions at scientific meetings and congresses
  • Planning and implementation processes of consensus building and collaborative decision-making
  • Assistance and facilitation of public participation processes and development of management models
  • Moderation of meetings
  • Stakeholders analysis and development of communication plans


Consulting and Coaching (more? click HERE)

  • Diagnosis and analysis of adversarial situations
  • Design of strategies for resolving conflicts or cooperative planning
  • Consultancy, coaching and support in negotiations
  • Coaching and supervision of mediators and facilitators
  • Coaching for leadership in crisis
  • Design and implementation of mediation services
  • Portuguese-German intercultural coaching


Research (more? click HERE)

  • Participation in Action Research Projects
  • Collaboration with various national and international universities


Training (more? click HERE)

  • Design and implementation of training in mediation, public participation, facilitation techniques, communication and intercultural awareness towards organizations and companies. Our clients...
  • Courses, workshops and seminars on how to develop and execute participatory processes, conflict management and mediation
  • Design and implementation of training in classical mediation