What is Research?

Research is a process of knowledge construction. Its main goals are to generate new knowledge and / or corroborate or refute pre-existing knowledge. It's basically a learning process in both perspectives: for the individual person and for the society in which the research is performed.



Project proposal Þ seeking partners Þ inventory of relevant literature and field experience Þ qualitative and / or quantitative analysis Þ development of findings and results Þ publication and dissemination Þ discussion of results and impact management.



Research produces specific knowledge and relates objective and subjective aspects of reality that surround the object to be investigated. The investigation thus enables optimization and continuous improvement of theories, paradigms and processes, leading to the constant development of an organization or society.


When to Involve Us in Your Research Projects?

  • Whenever you want to involve experienced experts for mediation or facilitation in your interventions.
  • When you want to implement participatory processes and analyse / measure the tangible and intangible effects in a scientifically sound way
  • When you need an academic partner in Portugal


You Contact Us… and Then? How Will This Work?

  • The first step is to contact us. Use the function “Contact” for this purpose and write us an e-mail explaining the general situation - or simply request a meeting
  • During the first meeting we analyse the possibilities and forms of our integration in your research team.
  • We execute all the agreed tasks efficiently and reliably and prepare reports.


Our experience in the field of Scientific Research   

  • For more than 15 years we participate in scientific research projects, contracted by our clients specifically as experts in conflict mediation and public participation processes.
  • Our large scientific network comprises national and international universities and research institutions. Thus we are able to convene teams of experienced researchers, adequate to nearly any type of project. Furthermore – if convenient - we might integrate a wide range of professional expertise, inviting experts to our project teams.


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