What is Consulting and Coaching?

Consulting or Coaching should be a part of any Strategic Planning Processes, Change Management, Re-Engineering and Implementation of Innovation, especially in conflictive situations or when a broad participation of many affected and interested stakeholders is necessary or advisable.



Interviews, document analysis, observation and analysis of key factors Þ diagnosis Þ clarification of goals and objectives Þ perception and analysis of the problem(s) Þ design of adequate procedures Þ definition of tasks Þ identification of potential synergies Þ monitoring and follow up Þ feedback Þ adaptive management targeting improvement and optimization



Consulting and coaching ensure the independent and neutral development of diagnosis, free from existing intra and inter-organizational hierarchies and latent adversarial situations. An integrated approach (top-down and bottom-up) is promoted, involving all structural levels of the organization aiming at the improvement and acceleration of reflection, planning and decision making processes. As everyone is involved in terms of equality all interests are heard and included.

When to Contact a Consultant or Coach?

  • In case you want to optimize your project or your organization/company
  • Whenever you need to economize financial and human resources on a short, medium and long run, while ensuring that stakeholders are heard.
  • When you have questions or need more information on appropriate methodologies for managing conflicts, active participation of stakeholders or professional facilitation of meetings
  • Whenever you want to hold participative meetings, workshops or other events without involving external mediators or facilitators (using your own human resources).


You Contact Us… and Then? How Will This Work?

  • The first step is to contact us. Use the function “Contact” for this purpose and write us an e-mail explaining the general situation - or simply request a meeting.
  • During the first meeting we analyse the situation and clarify with you the objectives, format and timing of the consulting or coaching.
  • We help with the selection, implementation and execution of appropriate participatory formats for better management of your organization in specific situations such as e. g. restructuring processes.
  • We have the know-how and the human resources to help with the conduction of participatory decision making (incl. in-house training)
  • We prepare punctual or periodic reports on our intervention and its tangible and intangible effects and results.


Our Experience in Consulting and Coaching      

  • We work for more than 15 years with universities, city councils, companies and associations in Portugal on the integration of new forms of governance in planning and decision making processes.
  • In order to provide excellent services to our clients We include a consulting component in all our mediation or facilitation processes.
  • Networking with national and international organizations allows us to convene teams of experienced consultants and coaches, adequate to any type of situation. Furthermore – if convenient - we might integrate a wide range of professional expertise, inviting experts to our project team


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