What is Training?

Training in methods and methodologies of facilitation, conflict management and mediation is recommended whenever there is a perceived lack of competence (individually or of employees and partners)



Diagnosis of the need for training Þ development of the format and timing of training modules Þ execution Þ evaluation and feedback from trainees Þ monitoring of effects Þ  supervision and coaching



The improvement of employees’ skills increases directly the productivity of the organization and represents therefore added value.


When to Promote Training?

  • In case you want to optimize your organization / company
  • Whenever you need to economize financial and human resources on a short, medium and long run, while ensuring that the know-how in your company increases
  • Whenever you want to hold participative meetings, workshops or other events without involving external mediators or facilitators (using your own human resources).


You Contact Us… and Then? How Will This Work?

  • The first step is to contact us. Use the function “Contact” for this purpose and write us an e-mail explaining the general situation - or simply request a meeting.
  • During the first meeting we analyse together the training necessities, the objectives, target groups, format and timing of the trainings
  • We execute the training modules
  • We guarantee neutral evaluation and feed-back of our trainees to our client.


Our Experience

  • In Portugal and worldwide we hold between 200 and 300 training hours a year, integrated into masters, postgraduate courses, and professional training. The modules are a part of our formal training offer or created to the needs of our clients. We promote tailor-made group courses as well as individual, personal trainings.
  • Our strong network comprises national and international colleagues, training academies and universities. Thus we are able to convene teams of experienced trainers, adequate to nearly any type of training demand. Furthermore – if convenient - we might integrate a wide range of professional expertise, inviting thematic experts to our trainers’ teams.


Our Trainings              

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